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Deity animal rescue

Deity Animal Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization based in Los Angeles. It is our passion and mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and place stray, neglected, and shelter dogs into loving, responsible, and committed homes. We do not discriminate on age, breed, or ease of placement. Rather, we choose dogs based on temperament and potential to be wonderful companions. We adhere to a comprehensive adoption process which includes finding the best possible match for each dog and performing home checks.

Our mission is to educate and empower people of all ages as to how they can make a difference in the lives of animals in their communities.  We target the importance of pet sterilization, animal welfare, and why it is a good idea to adopt from a shelter or rescue rather than buy from a breeder. Since our inception, we have expanded to provide assistance for our communities pets by developing out Pet Pantry Initiative which helps to supply leashes, collars, food, beds, toys, medical care etc. to pets in need. Our goal is to keep pets with their families and out of the shelter system if possible.

Ellen rescued Vida, the first official Deity dog, in 2007. Lindsay joined Ellen in her efforts when a major health scare made her reevaluate life and the gift of health and happiness. Dogs served a key role in her recovery and she strives to share the healing power of dogs with others. Dogs saved her, so it’s only right that she save dogs.


Meet The Team

Our Partners

Check out our amazing partners who have been instrumental in our ability to achieve our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating and finding forever homes for all of our animals. 

Supporting our partners is supporting Deity!

Thank you.


Our village

Tamra Schnitman // Shani Rosenzweig // Cindy Lewellen // Tara Singer // Samantha Goodman // Amanda Alvarez // Theresa Remick // Courtney Charton // Eden Ferry // Kay Panarese // Lynn Casey // Denise Lang // Leslie Simon // Aubrey Lerner // Lydia Lyons // Stacy Adams // Bo Youngblood // Noga Ruttenberg // Tracey Goodman // Ai Shimatsu // Nathalie Botezatu // Stacy Smith // Angela Mackey // Elyse Koenig // Brandon Sun // Lauren Lundy // Desiree Johnson // Laurie Bird // Melinda Flowers // Divya Kohli // Aleks Shineleva // Pauline Bohm // Ruby Maldonado // Rosemarie DelMonte // Taylor Limestone // Ryan Sheppard // Linda Gillan // Rhiannon Sanders // Meagan Cronin // Diana Castro // Hilary Brady // Gianna Gigante // Mark Burnstein // Lorelei Buda // Julie Smith // Adam Reynolds // Laura Windover // Lisa Brasher // Jack Strader // Cherissa Beck // Sarah Glicken // Brooke Marson // Glenda Nuñez // Leslie Ross // Kathy Lopes // Catherine Sturgeon // Natalie Farra // Frances Smithson

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